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Waiting Room | Waiting Room Video Network

Waiting Room reaches patients/caregivers at the point-of-care via 30- second video messages onflat screen monitors within medical office waiting rooms.

While patients and their caregivers wait to see their healthcare provider, Waiting Room rotates the delivery of health-related PSAs, health information, and physician information/messaging via a dynamic presentation using flat‐screen TVs.

Waiting Room guarantees that health PSAs will be featured on the network approximately every 30 – 45 minutes during office hours. Distribution is available to the offices of more than 100,000 primary care physicians and clinical specialists and via screens in hospitals nationwide. The programming is seen by the target audience an average of 8 hours per day.

How it works:

  • Your existing PSA video would be reedited, as needed, by MediaForce with related campaign information.
  • Campaign filters would be created and used to identify medical practices that generally treat specific patient groups: Age, Gender, Medical History.

Waiting Room services include:

  • Reuse of your existing :30 video PSA for use on the Waiting Room network.
  • Coordinate approval of your video PSA for use on the network.
  • Distribute your video PSA to thousands of medical offices, clinics and hospitals nationwide or on a targeted basis by state or DMA.
  • Your PSA will air approximately every 30 – 45 minutes during office hours in the doctors’ waiting rooms, an average of 16 times per day.
  • MediaForce will provide a final report breaking down the total number of broadcasts and impressions, based upon research statistics.