Traditional TV | Donated Television Distribution (English/Spanish)

Mediaforce has working relationships with more than 2,100 local television stations and nationwide broadcast and cable networks. We can distribute your PSA broadly or by targeted pitch to designated market areas (DMAs) chosen by each client.

MediaForce is the exclusive source for PSN – The Public Service Network, a national media pipeline created exclusively for agencies and organizations to provide guaranteed delivery, marketing, and tracking of public service content using both traditional and new media channels.

Mediaforce's TV PSA Marketing and Distribution program will:

  • Prepare your PSA(s) for campaign distribution:
    • Produce customized countdowns and slates with an acquired Ad-ID.
    • Add closed captions, as required. (Additional fee per spot.)
    • SpotTrac encoded video PSAs (optional lengths – :15, :30, or :60) in preparation for tracking by Nielsen Media Research.
    • Create a Preview file, HD and SD broadcast downloadable versions.
  • Coordinate monitoring and reporting criteria with Nielsen Media Research. Weekly reports will include station, format, frequency, market (DMA) and daypart for each airing.
  • Prepare TV station and broadcast and cable network target marketing list.
  • Prepare and distribute media advisory incorporating campaign information through a secure digital file-sharing utility. Media outlets can download the materials in their preferred format.
  • Digitally distribute your PSA to more than 2,100 outlets.
  • Upload your PSA to various partner network outlets for consideration.
  • Prepare video pitch notes and training for the marketing team.
  • Conduct outreach to 35 markets (base program: 40 hrs) to secure carriage of your PSA and program support.
  • Track results using data from Nielsen Research to gauge success and direct follow-up pitching.
  • Conduct follow-up pitching to stations/networks, as needed.
  • Final reporting to include a summary infographic (national campaigns) and a written report with total airings, estimated impressions and advertisement value.

Tracking and Reporting

MediaForce is a Nielsen partner. Nielsen tracking and reporting are included as part of each nationwide PSA program. Client video PSAs are encoded for tracking purposes. Weekly airings reports include frequency, time, and date of airing; station, network, or cable outlet; and DMA. Final reports include estimated gross impressions and ad equivalency rates. Nielsen special reports are also available for an additional fee.

Each nationwide campaign receives an interactive, one-page infographic with the final report that summarizes all of the relevant campaign outcomes.