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Donated Radio Distribution (English/Spanish)

MediaForce distributes PSAs to 8,500+ opt-in radio stations and networks nationwide (including 650+ Spanish language stations and networks).

For each campaign, stations receive an advisory that provides a description of the campaign as well as online access to the broadcast audio file, text transcript and associated campaign materials (such as social media, banners and press release).

Proactive pitching of your PSA program will be made to stations in the specifically targeted markets provided, and determined in consultation with the client, to secure their timely participation during the campaign.

MediaForce's Radio PSA Marketing and Distribution program will:

  • Prepare an audio link for station file download (.mp3 and .wav formats).
  • Coordinate audio file format compliance and tracking with Nielsen.
  • Develop a customized pitch list of radio stations for client approval to ensure that key stations are contacted directly to facilitate station carriage.
  • Prepare and distribute a media advisory to 8,500+ radio outlets with up to three (3) spots (:15, :30 and :60 lengths) to include your PSA transcript and audio file download links. The media advisory will be distributed on several occasions at scheduled intervals. An electronic business reply card will be included in the advisory.
  • Conduct pitch and outreach to 35 markets and network targets.
  • Tally electronic business replies to collect airing data from stations.
  • Report weekly Nielsen tracking results.
  • Provide a final report to include Nielsen airings and a summary of responses provided by any of the 8,500+ stations that have confirmed participation.

PSA Distribution

MediaForce is the exclusive source for the PSN – The Public Service Network, a national media pipeline created exclusively for agencies and organizations to provide guaranteed delivery, marketing, and tracking of public service content using both traditional and new media channels.