Who We Are

At MediaForce we are experts at developing government public awareness campaigns that reach targeted communities and stakeholders.

How do we get people to listen in a world where technology dominates? We listen to our clients and to their target audience. We discover our client’s goals and we evaluate what’s important to the people they seek to reach. We use a myriad of technological solutions and integrated marketing strategies to reach our audiences.

Why Work with Us

We integrate traditional and new media tactics to achieve winning results and exceed expectations on a guaranteed basis at the lowest possible rates.

It is our business to understand our clients’ needs and their program requirements. We create campaigns that resonate with and challenge the intended audience. As a result, we help our clients drive public perception. And, we provide qualitative and quantitative metrics to measure their program’s success.

MediaForce campaigns can provide government agencies with billions of donated impressions worth millions of dollars in commercial ad value.

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PSA Distribution

MediaForce provides the government with a national media pipeline created exclusively for agencies and organizations to provide guaranteed delivery, marketing and tracking of public service content using both traditional and new media content.

GSA Schedule

MediaForce is a certified woman-owned small business and an authorized General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Service schedule provider. We work extensively with government clients and understand the unique requirements of governmental agencies.

Transparent Reporting

Experienced staff will develop and monitor digital campaigns to ensure they continue to reach peak performance by analyzing the display and search network performance metrics. Nielsen audience measurement enables us to give you up-to-date tracking of your campaign for broadcast radio and television at any given time.

Our Services

MediaForce and the PSN – The Public Service Network offer a collection of traditional and unconventional channels for the distribution of public service announcements (PSAs). This includes radio, television, and non-traditional, low-cost channels such as physician waiting rooms, pharmacies, online digital entertainment networks, and more. See below to see all of our services.

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Our Services

Traditional TV PSAs

Nationwide or targeted video PSA distribution via 2,100+ TV stations, cable, and broadcast networks.

Traditional Radio PSAs

A channel for broadcast radio placement of 15, 30, and 60-second audio PSAs.

Digital Radio

Run a comprehensive, targeted digital media campaign across national online networks.


Place PSAs on a guaranteed and low-cost basis in a variety of locations that reach pedestrians, truck and automobile traffic, and transit ridership.

Convenience Store

C-Store offers government agencies and nonprofit organizations the ability to place print PSAs in convenience store entrances.


This channel includes the use of :15 and :30 second spots on a variety of paid television channels with target market reach.

Digital Video

This package will include national network paid placements from major network providers with monthly metrics.

Digital News Pre-Roll Video

The pre-roll video program is highly targeted using geographic, demographic, and contextual/behavioral filters.

Digital Display Banner

Digital banner ads will be placed on high-traffic websites. Network partners deliver this content to their opt-in national network.

Targeted eMail

Target your message to an opt-in list of highly qualified recipients to ensure your campaign is successful.


This package includes targeted Facebook posts from the CBS local Facebook account with 416,000 guaranteed impressions.


Connect viewers with targeted video PSAs on video screens at the boarding gates and baggage claim areas in the nation’s major airports.

In-store Audio

Engage consumers and drive measurable behavior change for national, regional, and local educational campaigns.


Entertainment places your PSA message at live entertainment events and clubs and on a network of concert and live event ticketing sites.


Pharma offers the unique ability to deliver educational messaging directly to a targeted audience.

Public Media

We have joined with National Public Radio (NPR) to develop this channel for the guaranteed distribution of 15-second audio PSAs on NPR’s programs.


Theater reaches movie-goers via video messages both in movie theaters and lobbies with PSAs running every hour.


Transit puts your message in front of a targeted audience (users of mass transit) as well as the general public riding, walking, or biking.

Waiting Room

Waiting Room reaches patients/caregivers at the point-of-care via 30-second video messages on flat screen monitors within medical office waiting rooms.


Your PSA is available to our thousands of media partners 24/7 through our online PSA repository, which enables outlets to fill their unused ad slots.


PSAwire offers nonprofit and government organizations an exclusive bundled and integrated media program at an extremely low rate.

Grassroots Marketing

Grassroots outreach establishes relationships with stakeholder organizations and their members.


MediaForce can help design your campaign assets with our team of production professionals.