PSAbank | Your Online PSA Distribution Hub

Your PSA is available to our thousands of media partners 24/7 through our online PSA repository, which enables outlets to fill their unused ad slots at any time.

PSAbank offers broadcast networks and stations a vast array of high-quality PSAs from government agencies and nonprofit organizations nationwide. Our archive is constantly updated with new content. All video and audio files are available on-demand and ready for broadcast in HD and SD formats.


  • Your PSAs are available at PSAbank for one year after distribution, extending their lives well past the end of their formal campaigns.
  • On-demand access for media partners.
  • Available in both HD and SD video formats for television and cable distribution.
  • English and Spanish language content.
  • PSAs are encoded for Nielsen tracking.
  • Available in mp3 audio format for radio distribution.

Every day, station and program managers across the country turn to PSAbank with their unsold ad slots, and stations donate the air time by placing our PSAs.

Earn media interest by depositing your PSAs in the PSAbank!