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Nationwide Broadcast and Online Audio Distribution via NPR Affiliates Nationwide

newPSN has joined forces with National Public Radio (NPR) to develop a media channel for the guaranteed distribution of audio public service announcements (PSAs) on NPR’s flagship programs and digital networks. NPR content includes News, Arts, Life and Music focused verticals. All programs have a home on, allowing federal agencies and nonprofit organizations to feature campaign messages alongside relevant content in an uncluttered promotional environment where they will have greater impact.

NPR Podcast Program

Includes the distribution of a 10-second PSA with the download of a NPR podcast which is typically 20 – 30 minutes in duration. The delivery of each podcast and PSA is tracked by downloads and guarantees at least 2.5 million impressions. Podcasts are assembled from leading NPR programs, series, and topics enabling federal agencies to place public awareness messages alongside a compilation of NPR’s most popular and timely program features.

Tracking and Reporting

Depending upon the selected program options, PSN will provide a summary report which will include a list of participating programs, spot air times and impressions generated.


  • One of the strongest global media brands and a standard-setting producer and distributor of top-quality news, information and music programming for 40 years
  • Home of two of the three most popular radio programs in the country: Morning Edition and All Things Considered
  • 27.3 million weekly radio listeners
  • 57% of listeners are adults, ages 25-54
  • A network of more than 900 member stations nationwide


NPR Broadcast Program

Provides guaranteed campaign outcomes of 11 – 87 million impressions depending upon frequency and the length of the campaign. Programs hosting your message may include:

  • Morning Edition
  • All Things Considered
  • Weekend Edition
  • Wait Wait
  • Mid-Day Newscasts
  • AM Newscasts
  • PM newscasts
  • Weekends on ATC
  • Car Talk
  • Diane Rehm
  • On Point
  • Fresh Air

These programs reach a highly educated and socially conscious audience.