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Case Study: Global Entry Integrated Marketing Campaign

global31Client: U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) created its Global Entry program to expedite international air travel for pre-approved travelers (U.S. citizens, lawful U.S. permanent residents, and citizens of certain other countries).


As Global Entry enrollment continued to hover around 22,000, U.S. Customs asked MediaForce to design a marketing program that would increase membership to 100,000.

Strategies and Solution

  • MediaForce defined the primary target audience as the business traveler
  • The campaign emphasized elimination of long waits in U.S. Customs lines as a primary advantage of membership
  • Re-branded campaign with a contemporary logo and the tagline “Trusted Traveler Network”
  • Brand elements were designed to appeal to the international traveler
  • Frequent travelers were rewarded for miles logged
  • Campaign stressed expedited exit process available to members
  • Applied design to multiple electronic and print venues
  • Outreach marketing, focused on key touch points within the travel experience:
    • Meal tray cards were used on American Airlines international flights
    • Portable signage and kiosk signs were placed in U.S. Customs entry areas
    • A major media buy was undertaken with a 30-second public service announcement aired over retail stores’ audio networks
    • A 508 compliant website was launched


  • The-Communicator-AwardsThe International Academy of Visual Arts awarded two Communicator Awards of Distinction to CBP’s Global Entry materials


  • The campaign reached its goal of 100,000 members
  • Over a one-year campaign, close to 33 million media-buy impressions were made:
    • Print impressions across all advertising vehicles totaled almost 14 million
    • Online impressions totaled 3.6 million
    • Out-of-home impressions totaled over 12 million
    • In-Store audio campaign impressions totaled more than 3 million
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