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The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) Integrated Marketing Campaign

Client: The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

MediaForce’s partnership with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) originated with a contract for a one-week public service announcement on the Public Service Network (PSN).

Strategies and Solution

That partnership grew into into production and nationwide distribution of a video public service announcement (PSA), followed by development of a turnkey weekly health information podcast series with supporting website.  Notably, we secured the talent for numerous audio and video public service announcements (PSAs), five of which have won Telly Awards and one an Aesculapius Award.

Healthcare 411 held the distinction of being the first podcast series launched within HHS. Soon after the podcast series was developed, MediaForce re-purposed the bi-monthly 10–12 minute programs into a weekly radio show, which was marketed to radio stations nationwide.

The original podcast series was later condensed to 60 seconds and launched weekly in English and bi-weekly in Spanish and marketed to radio stations nationwide.

MediaForce provided services for the Healthcare 411 series:

  • Podcast production and marketing
  • English and Spanish website design/development
  • Website 508 compliance and maintenance
  • Social marketing via Twitter and YouTube
  • Web metrics and reporting


MediaForce secured more than 800 Web and eNewsletter Healthcare 411 participants and more than 3,300 English and Spanish radio stations that broadcast the program.

PSAs were captioned, encoded, distributed and marketed to broadcast television, cable, stores and radio by MediaForce and then tracked by our partner, Nielsen.


  • Telly awardTelly awards were given to:
    • The videonovela PSA series entitled, “Aprende a vivir
    • The Patient Perspective Campaign video PSA, “Doctor’s Office Visit”
    • The video PSA, “Prevention is the Key to a Healthy Life”
    • The video PSA , “Take Charge of Your Health,” featuring Fran Drescher
    • The video PSA, “Secondhand Smoke PSA,” featuring Darrel Green and Kids
  • Health Improvement Institute Aesculapius AwardAn Aesculapius Award was given to:
    • The video PSA, “Smoking Cessation Public Service Announcement:  Score by Quitting (Touchdown!)”
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